Invitation to Jesuit Chinese-Filipino Apostolate Meeting 2012

June 15, 2012

Jesuit Chinese-Filipino Apostolate
18 January 2012

To:                        Institutional Representatives

From:               Fr Ari C. Dy, SJ, Convenor

Re:                    Annual Meeting 2012 / 60th Anniversary of Sacred Heart Parish and the Renewed Jesuit Chinese-Filipino Apostolate

Dear fellow pilgrims in the Jesuit Chinese-Filipino Apostolate,

Lunar new year greetings to all from the cool climes of London!  Despite the economic crisis enveloping much of Europe, this year promises to be full of joy in the U.K. as the Queen celebrates her diamond jubilee on the throne, and the city of London hosts the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. 

My thoughts, however, are never far from our beloved Jesuit Chinese-Filipino Apostolate.  With Fr Provincial’s blessing and the generosity of our Chairman, Fr Manny Uy, who is beginning his tertianship experience in Manila, I will be able to join you in Cebu this June to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sacred Heart Parish, also the 60th anniversary of the Province’s renewed Chinese-Filipino apostolate.

Our annual meeting will coincide with the fiesta/anniversary celebrations.  The meeting is planned for June 14 to 17, Thursday to Sunday.  The draft schedule is below.  To ensure a meaningful use of time and resources for this meeting, kindly note the following:

  1. Brief updates.  For the brief updates of each institution, please focus on the priorities you set at our meeting last June.  I sent you the minutes at the end of August and I attach them here again.  Please find time to meet about these concerns.
  2. Mission goals.  Fr. Provincial suggested that we formulate mission goals for our apostolate, so that the frontiers can be addressed systematically.  A timeframe would be helpful, and the range we can consider is 2013-2018, or the 60th anniversary of each institution (SMP in 2013, MTQ in 2014, SHS/AdC in 2015, XS in 2016, AdI/SMCS in 2018).  Kindly start discussing this in your communities and institutions and see if at least one mission goal arising from the frontiers can be discerned, articulated, and shared with the cluster this June.  For the schools, the summer in-service programs may be a good time to discuss this.  The parishes can find time during their annual planning session.  The report on the brief updates and the mission goal(s) can be combined, since some priorities that have been identified are actually short-term projects (rather than programs or goals).
  3. Workshops.  Taking up the theme of depth as one of the clearest areas of correspondence between the Province goals and our cluster frontiers, our workshops will be designed in such a way that our time together will result in the production of new materials for use in our apostolate.  We will probably handle the frontier of intersections, and if necessary, we will divide ourselves into two groups– schools and parishes.

Please consider these ideas in deciding who will attend the meeting in Cebu.  The general guideline is still three representatives per institution for the meeting per se, but any number of guests are welcome to attend the fiesta activities and some of the sessions in the annual meeting.  Sacred Heart Parish will have a secretariat to take care of guests going to Cebu for the fiesta, and another secretariat based at Sacred Heart School/AdC will take care of the preparations for the JCFA annual meeting.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions to make our time in Cebu more fruitful.  I will be working with Fr. Johnny Go on the design of our workshops.

Wishing you every blessing for the coming lunar year of the dragon!



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